Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Winter Meditation- the real web, I hope-

Close your eyes and begin to notice your breathing. At first, your breath will come rather fast, as you think of all that has happened in your day.  This is natural - just continue breathing until you have reviewed everything you need to.

Now picture yourself wearing many layers of heavy cloaks.  You can feel the weight of them on your shoulders.  As we continue to breathe, we will begin to drop these cloaks, one by one.  As you drop each cloak, you will feel lighter and lighter.

Breathe and feel the outermost cloak.  It is very heavy.  See what color comes to mind.  This cloak represents all the expectations the outer world has of you.  Let the cloak drop onto the ground and walk away.

The next cloak is comprised of all the expectations you have for yourself in the outside world.  Drop this cloak also, step out of it and walk away.

Feel the third cloak. Note its color.  This one represents any anger or resentment directed toward you or felt towards others by you. Drop it and walk away.

Let the next cloak's color come to you. Let it slip from your shoulders.  You are leaving behind all the physical discomfort your body has felt from wearing all the other cloaks.  Let your body shed this weariness.

Continue this process until you drop all the layers you need to.

Now you feel so much ligher, you can actually feel your Self.  There is  one robe left - the last one.  Its color represents the color your soul feels most comfortable in.  Please leave this on to protect and comfort you throughout the rest of our journey.


You are walking along a wintry trail, snow crunching under your feet.  It is sunny and crisp - you feel good.

The light begins to fade into a hazy winter sunset. Clouds of pink and blue are streaked across the sky.  You pull your cloak closer around you and continue walking.

Darkness falls.  It is a night of brilliant stars.  There is a slim silver moon overhead.   You hear a sound like music, but very faintly.  Up ahead the trees seem to form an arched walkway.  You walk beneath them and find they lead to a huge building made of rough-hewn wood.

You open the massive doors.  Inside is the light of many candles, creating a golden glow around the whole room, all the way up to the vaulted ceiling.

In the center of the room sits a circle of people.  They welcome you. Their faces glow in the candlelight.  You sit down and take your place in the circle, joining hands with the people on either side of you.

As you take their hands, you feel the circuit of energy that flows around the circle.  It almost feels like an electric current.  Open your seventh chakra and begin to channel energy through the top of your head and into your hands.  The current gets stronger. Bring in more energy and channel it from your crown chakra to your heart.  From your heart, direct the energy to the center of the circle.

You begin to see something.  It is a huge cup or chalice.  It is filled with Light from your heart chakras.  Allow the Light from your  heart to fill the cup.  Fill it to the brim.  Light is streaming down from above as our Angelic guides help us.

Now let this healing light flow over the brim and over the whole Earth.  Let it be like a balm to  all people, entering their hearts, quelling their fear. Fill it again and let it calm Mother Earth herself, for she is always affected by the emotions of man.

The cup is fading now.  Continue to channel light to the circle from your heart chakras.  The Light in the center has become very beautiful.  You sense a Presence there.

It is the Presence of Peace.

Place what needs healing into this Holy light in the center of the circle.  Relationships between countries.  World leaders. The land itself.The animals.  Place anyone you know who needs healing in the Light.  Take some time.


Now, place yourself and your family in the center of the circle, for we must heal our individual lives, too, if we are to heal the world.

Do you feel other groups like this one coming together around the world? See all these circles of peace and healing connected like a web of Light all over the globe.  Strengthen these lines of Light.

Begin to feel a deep peace in your heart, a peace that permeates all your bodies - mental, physical, emotional, and Spiritual.

It is time to close our circle now.  Notice the faces around the circle filled with Divine Light.  Thank all our helpers, seen and unseen who graced us with their energy tonight in the healing circle.  Say your goodbyes.

You walk out of the cathedral into the light of day.  It is a glorious winter morning.  The birds are singing, the sunlight sparkles on the snow. Your heart is filled with hope, joy.