Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Holidays

Like all children, I used to love Christmas.  Sparkling lights at night, a glittering field of snow in the daytime, the coziness of looking forward to a special night and day featuring Jesus and Santa respectively. Honoring a miracle birth by singing with others in church, all the while feeling something magical might happen.

It's a little different now. Everyone rushing to buy things, worrying if it is "enough" to satisfy our need to feel "stuffed with stuff."

So let's slow down for a second.

Breathe. Drop back into your body. Oygenate those lungs and cells.


Breathe again.

Notice the tension and the heaviness you may have been feeling,
 as if you were wearing alot of fancy, uncomfortable clothes.

Picture these gaudy costumes dropping off you, falling to the ground.

What's left?  Just you without the entrapments of the material side of the holidays. A core of peace.

What was the purpose of winter festivals in the past?

It was dark,and cold and they were aware they might not survive.

They needed a way to assure themselves that the spring would come again.  A way to create that light in each other, by coming together with family and friends to kindle the belief that they would make it through.

So, breathe again and go deep into the core of darkness. Deeper still. Then find that spark of hope.

Find the belief that we can create the world anew, in a way that  offers physical and spiritual nurturance to all.

Fan the flame in your heart, see its warmth expand, along with the image of a more positive world.

Whatever way you can do this in your life, do it, for we are responsible for our world and what we create.

I hope together we can offer more peace, joy and compassion to all those we spend time with during this season. Namaste.  

And of course, enjoy the lights!