Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Rain Relaxation

Breathe, and let go of your day.  Begin to let go of any anxiety you

may be feeling.  This may not be evident at first, but as you look

further, you can feel it as a tension, a kind of fight or flight

response deep inside your body, your muscles, tendons, ligaments

and your mind.  It is as if you are bracing yourself for what is

going to happen next, but not in a good way.

So, breathe again and begin to hear a gentle rain falling. Let the

sound of the rain loosen your muscles and the tension deep inside

your body, the droplets massaging away the anxiety, relaxing

your response to your life right now.

Let your mind hear only the patter of the rain carrying all tension

away from you- washing, cleansing, purifying your aura, your

body, and your core energy.


All negativity is washed down to the earth like silt, to flow

away from you,  far, far away.

Let go further and dissolve yourself into the rain-

just become the rain falling from the sky.

Let your molecules spread into the rain and between the

rain-  take some time with this    ***

And now the sunlight shines through the raindrops, creating

a prism of light in each drop, bringing your body back

together now,  brightening your aura and all your bodies-

emotional, mental, spiritual and physical- the shimmering

light coming from above, sparkling with new ideas and

new hope, creating a fresh outlook for you.

Open to this re-formation of your self.


The rain is slowing now.  The sun is shining behind the clouds

in streaming glories of light.  Let the golden light enter your

seventh chakra and fill your body, from your feet, all

the way up every chakra, to your heart, streaming down your

arms to your hands, filling all the way to the top of your head, til

your are radiating with

your own energy.

Breathe again, breathe into your brain, your heart, your

lungs and your whole body, and step into the rest of your day

refreshed and relaxed.

Namaste- Lia

A note:  We took about an hour to do this and used a cd called "Rainshowers"  the second selection.  It also had rained the day before and we were so grateful for that.