Saturday, February 6, 2016

Meditations on the Heart

As we approach Valentine's Day, I thought it would be a good opportunity to do a heart meditation.

I looked at quite a few in the archives and noticed how the heart chakra is, of course, always included and present in all the meditations.

In the year or so before receiving a pacemaker, I remember I felt as if I couldn't fully contact my heart chakra while meditating. I didn't know why, it just felt spacey and out of reach.

Near the end of that time, I  had to keep my eyes open and not " go in" with my students- I felt I was about to pass out, and I was,  I found out later, since my heart was stopping.

What does this mean?  I don't know.  I felt I was always coming from the heart, but like everyone, needed to open my heart more to be truly compassionate.

Lately, members of my family have had heart surgery, heart problems, heart attacks- aging, I guess and , yes, society's heart in general is under alot of stress!

We have all had our hearts broken in various ways and broken others' hearts, too, just by living- but we wouldn't give our lives up to avoid being wounded.

Every heart seeks love and communion.  The heart teaches us about relationship and joins our emotional and  spiritual selves to our physical selves.

So, I give you these thoughts on the heart, and this meditation and we will see if any insight or healing is there.

To begin, Breathe.

Let the air swirl in like a wave and circle, cleaning out each chakra.  Releasing old residue, cobwebs, thought forms hanging on from the past that you no longer need.  You don't have to know exactly what they are, just intend to release. Let go on the outbreath.

Take some time.

After this cleansing, open your 7th chakra at the top of your head and let Light pour in, flooding your body with light and new, clear energy.

Now, focus on your heart chakra.  Quiet yourself until you feel your heart beating.  Quiet, quiet, until you can almost feel the blood moving in your veins. Breathe.

This heart is yours.  It has been with you for a long time.

Picture yourself in your mother's womb.  Hear your heart beat and your mother's as you float and dream, getting ready to enter this world.  Hear the beat that connects you to this life.

Now, picture yourself in your crib, crying- how that heart is beating!

Feel yourself a little older, running through the grass with joy.  Feel the grass under your little bare feet.

Now you are a little older, taking test at school. Your heart is there beating with you as you think and concentrate.

This heart has been there all along.  It hold memories from everything you have experienced, from all the times in your life.

Now, let light from above flow through your heart. Let any cloudiness or dark spots in the area around your heart be dispersed, washed away by the purest, clearest light.  See the light flow from your heart through your arteries, opening them, clearing them.  See your heart as a healthy muscle, pumping the blood and healing light throughout your body, all chambers of the heart working perfectly.

See your life force energy flowing freely and joyfully.  Let it reach all the cells and organs of your body, purifying them and returning them to their full vitality.

Now, go deeper into your heart.  Find the place where your innocence exists.  The first place, where life came to you, and you joyfully reached out to it. Be there awhile.

Reach again now and hear the heart beat of All That Is.  Open to that feeling.  Let the light of a Higher Heart come and surround your heart.  Know that you are part of the plan, whatever that means to you.

Imagine living your life being aware of and in alignment with this Universal flow of energy.

Remember times in your life when you really felt in the flow of Divine Energy.

Is it possible something larger is directing your life along with your participation through choices you have made, insights that have come to you, or the people you have connected with and love?

Take some time, and be open to any answers you receive.


Breathe, and gently come back to your body. Become aware of where you are sitting, wiggle your fingers and toes.

Fill your lungs with life, align with your hopes and dreams, going forward with an open heart, a strong heart this day, ready for new adventures in relationship to your loved ones and the world.

Namaste- Lia

P.S.  After all this, I feel I am more in touch with my heart, that the heart center has been challenged and is more open.

I find myself remembering to "rise above it" more often in uncomfortable situations, or when I find myself judging myself or others too harshly.

I hope I continue to embrace life in general from this more heart-empowered space and follow my most recent instruction from my guides, which is "Use Joy as Fuel." 


Also, thank you to the cardiac team at Marin General Hospital for re-connecting me to my heart.  Wonderful people who do this work every day- Many blessings to them-