Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Fading Friendships

I was thinking the other day about how some friendships just seem to end.  They just  kind of fade away without any big break-up.

I have experienced both sides of this many times.  It could be as simple as your kids now going to different schools.  The common ground that brought you together is no longer there.

Or, maybe you have completed your contract with them.  You can just feel it. 

I remember someone I once meditated with.  We were getting together less and less often.  Then I bought her some earrings.  When I gave them to her I knew in that moment we were done.  It was a parting gift that needed to be given and then we were complete.

It's OK- people change, life changes.

I know someone who seems to keep in contact with everyone she ever met since high school- she thrives on it and does so gracefully.

I confess, I can never seem to keep track of more than four or five people at a time plus family.

It is just the flow of life.  I think of the beautiful children's poem by Rose Fyleman, where the fairy releases all her purchases, like the mouse  "then she kissed its silken ears, thanked it, and let it go."

Letting people go, just blessing them, without any head trips- a good move, I think.

And if life brings you together again, that's a gift, too.


So, breathe, ground yourself, and center.  Bring in your own energy from above and fill your body with golden light all the way from your toes to the top of your head.

Breathe.  Notice any cords still lingering between you and this person.

If it feels right, gently dissolve what is left of these, watching them fall away into nothing.

Fill your aura now, repairing any rips or tears.  Fill with your own llight until your aura is healthy, elastic and strong, ready to go forth with new creativity and possibilities in the future. Who knows who will come into your life tomorrow?

Namaste,  Lia