Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Expanded Heart Chakra

Lately, I have felt my heart kind of cramping up.  Often,  as we get older, we do start to close up and are not as open as we were when we were younger.

I started to exercise my heart in this way-

Begin to breathe from your heart- take a few deep breaths.  Then let your breathing settle into a nice rhythm, taking in oxygen through your heart and letting it go naturally- freshening the heart area til it flows easily-

As you do this, picture a light emanating from your heart expanding and contracting with your breathing.

As you continue to breathe, expand the light.

Let it encompass, from your heart, up to your throat and down to your solar plexus-

Then expand on the next breaths up to your forehead and down to your belly.

Let the light include all sides of your body, in a spherical or oval shape.

As you do this, any "slings and arrows" will fall out of your aura- the light will push them out.

Now expand on the inhale to the top of your head and down to the base of your spine.

Breath again and expand the light from your knees to above your head, then from below your feet to above our head.

Notice any colors or the texture of your aura now.

As you feel this expanded heart chakra, you may , if you are inclined, join your heart's light to the heart of any religious figure you feel an affinity for-

Rest here-

Does this Being have a message for you?

You may get a word, a feeling, or a whole treatise, you never know

Listen- and rest-

When you are complete, thank this Being for His/Her presence-

Now breathe your aura in slightly,  feeling your feet and hands, the top of your head.  Then let the light settle once again naturally into your heart, breathing easily, relaxed and ready to continue with your day.

In using the expanded heart energy, I find myself sending energy and love to those in my past.  Maybe they can feel it and it can help heal.  And of course to those in my present day life.

If I am outside, I send it to a bird, a tree, the wind- it is surprising how often you get some kind of a response. Blessings to you-