Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Flying to the Future

After I posted the last blog, I suddenly began blessing my past.  I thanked my parents, my grandparents, my brothers, everything and everyone I could think of. 

All this has shaped me and made me who I am. I now embrace the past for the gifts it has given me. 

I sat with this for awhile and then I realized how I had held on to the past for so long.  I decided to release it and quit wallowing!  I went into each chakra - "I release the past and I bless it."

I could see it go flying away, like a bird released from captivity Actually, there were lots of birds. 

"I release the past with love." "I release the past with every fiber of my being."

All the birds went flying away with such joy.

Then I brought new earth energy up through the soles of my feet and legs, by hopping and drawing the energy all the way up my body, chanting as I did it.

I opened my seventh chakra and brought new energy from above down through my body, chanting again, moving again.

Breathing all the while.

Ho! It is done. I am me.

Bente  Hansen describes the grid that exists around and through our body, and how to repair it. 

My guides told me I had to rip my grid, in a way, to release the structures of the past.

So now I had to repair that grid.  I went outside and repaired the grid, filled my aura with sunshine, healing and expanding it.

I went through this healing process over quite a few days. During this time, my mom came to me in a dream and held my hands. I meant to comfort her, but instead she comforted me.

So real, so sweet- she forgives me.  Thank you, Mom.

Now, I will fly, too.