Monday, April 28, 2014


I was thinking the other day how critical we are about our bodies.  From adolescence on, we think we are too fat, too thin, not shaped right, etc.

Jeez, we need to give that thinking a break and start loving our bodies.  We are so lucky to be in them and experiencing sight, smell, hearing, joy of movement, breathing, sex- all of it.

So try this process-

In the middle of the night, or before sleep, begin with your toes and say- I love my toes, I love my heels, I love my feet, I love my ankles, etc.  All the way up, calves, shins, knees, thighs, hips- internal organs ( name them).

I often fall asleep during this but sometimes I make it all the way to my head. You can do this during the day if you are taking a break,too.

Louise Hay is probably the originator of loving your body like this- take a look at her books.

Your body will love the appreciation.  I go further and say, I love my bones, I love my muscles, I love my tendons, I love my blood, my skin- alll working so well together.

Women, in particular, are too hard on themselves.  Try loving your body as it is now.

And of course, exercise, experiment with your diet, go outside in the fresh air.

I take bits and pieces from exercise programs and fit in the ones I like- a little stretching, some light weight-lifting, other calisthenics- whatever feels good.  I memorize a new one, then keep adding until I have my own routine.  Always choose what is right for you and your body.  I never do anything that hurts or strains too much- too late for that.  Be patient and you will start to enjoy it, if you don't put too much pressure on yourself.  I modify exercises to fit my skill level.  And course, some form of aerobic exercise for your heart- walking is a good way to start and to fill in on those days you don't want an intense workout.

Try visualizing the weight on your scale to be the weight you want- a few pounds less or more.  Don't weigh yourself for awhile, then see what happens-  worked for me.

After you love every part of your body, breathe some earth energy up through the soles of your feet- if you are standing on the earth, this works even better.  Then bring some energy from above through your crown.  So, energy up your spine, then down the front of your body, circulating both energies.

To complete, take a look at your aura and fill it with llight, repairing any holes or tears, until it is healthy, elastic and shining- Let that Spirit shine through this wonderful, great bod that is yours.
Namaste- Lia