Monday, April 14, 2014

Regrets and Forgiveness

I want to tell you about a process I discovered quite a few years ago.  I was sitting around, thinking about life and decided to meditate for a few minutes.

What came up were regrets that I had, stuff we all have, about how I acted toward people in situations, the kind of memory that makes you cringe- how could I have said that, done that, etc.

I decide to apologize to everyone. I started with the first one, said "I'm sorry," and really meant it. Then others started to pop up, one nested inside the other. I got it-

I went through every incidence that came up, said I was sorry and moved on. Brought the people from long ago up in my  mind, apologized and then ushered them out of my mind.

It took awhile.  When I was finished I felt freer. It was another clearing of my energy body-  all those regrets not stuck in there anymore.

So recently, I was dismayed when regret,sorrow and pain started surfacing again.

I realized I couldn't just shove these under the rug, either.

Now, I really get how decisions I made changed my life and others' lives.  This can make one feel really uncomfortable.

Just another sign of getting older, understanding this.

I was so unconscious! and yet, if you were conscious about the myriad effects you might cause, you wouldn't take any step to live your life!

Maybe life is designed this way. I'm just lucky other people have been forgiving, too. 

So, with the deeper regret, I did another process, which I will share with you now.

Breathe, center, and ground. Let everything drop away and become very still.

Imagine a bridge that exists, kind of on another plane.

Place your essence on one end of the bridge.  Ask for the essence of the other person to appear on the other end of the bridge.

Start to walk towards each other.  When you get to the middle, greet them, spend time with them, and express what you need to, either with words or energetically.

You may get a response and you will have communicated, at least.
Then, say goodbye and let them go, watching them walk away off the bridge.

You can do this with people who are not here anymore, people who are here but are at a distance, or people in your everyday life.

It is healing, I think and an acknowledgment that you may need to experience, as I did.  It can be very emotional.

Now, my guidance says, if you can just forgive yourself, you will be really free.  We'll see how that goes.

Namaste- Lia