Thursday, July 31, 2014

Candle Meditation

I always wanted to write a candle meditation, so here it is- we did this last night-

Begin to breathe, letting all the racing, all the running, everything that happened in your day, drop away.

Breath becoming slower, quieter.
Become aware of one small candle flame burning.  All is quiet, all is dark, just the flame burning softly- you can hear it-

The flame is golden, happy, contented to be a light in the darkness.

The darkness is not hostile, it just is.  The flame is not afraid.  It is safe, and sure of its burning, casting a perfect circle of light around itself.

It shimmers and dances, lifted a little by the breeze-

As you become aware that you are the flame, you also become aware that there are other flames, spreading out in all directions- a matrix of flames, above, below, around, through all.

Now there is another light in the distance- it seems to be coming closer, or you are coming closer to it.

The light is huge, the circle it casts is immense--and now it envelopes you- over you , under you, surrounding you-

You are inside the light, the Light of Ages, the Light of All That Is.

And in the light you feel loved, very loved.  You are absorbed into the golden light.  And you are safe, very safe-  loved and safe in this encompassing love and light.

Be there--expand into the Light-  Let Go-open your heart to the light.


And now you feel yourself coming back a bit.  You feel you are radiating light from a point inside the larger light. Your rays of light expand in all directions-


And now the immense light releases you-

And you are completely healed.

Your life is healed.

Your body is healed.

Your heart is healed- one with All- God and Goddess.

Coming back further now, into the candle flame burning in this room.

All is calm, all is bright, on this night and all through the ages you  have lived.

You are Spirit, filled with Light.

I honor your Spirit on this night-  Namaste.