Tuesday, July 15, 2014

After Bliss

One evening after meditation class, I was in a bit of an altered state.  We had gone deep for about an hour.  I sat with it awhile, writing about it.

Then I got up to make dinner.  Later, I thought, "What did you do that for?"

My new mantra, "Dinner can wait when you're in an altered state."

Humans are weird.  When gifted with a feeling like that, don't get up and move on- try and stay with it, feel it, BE it, for awhile, anyway.

This is also what I did after merging with the Unified Field- after about 5 minutes or less I got up and went into the house.-WHAT!?

I left it- such a profound sense of being  part of everything- Oh, my Goddess, may I be given another chance to experience this again- thank you.

 If you are meditating regularly, working on your issues to move toward healing, reading decent books, and taking care of your body, experiences like this can happen.

If you have ever felt " in the zone" doing something you love, perhaps you felt that your highest self was present and in alignment with something larger or other than your everyday self...

You may even feel that something is guiding your life, or that you can open to that guidance more.

It is in our nature, I guess, to move on, but I  plan to practice staying a little longer next time.

I am so grateful for this time and the processes I have been shown to give to other people.  Thank you, thank you, thank you-

Namaste- Lia