Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Unified Field

I hesitated to share this, because it was so personal- but of course, others have had similiar experiences, or maybe everyone has, if they think about it, especially in childhood. Also, it is not easy to convey in words.

We were outside.

It was a quiet day, a Sunday, I think.

You know how some days are like that.   There is a pause in the busyness of the world.  A quiet that is deeper.

My body was quiet, too.  Maybe more quiet than it has ever been, sitting there.

We were sitting on the deck, not speaking.

The wind was coming up through the trees- purple, delicate silver-green, all lit with the sun.  The earth was vibrant with Spring.

The moving trees began speaking to me, in waves, like the ocean.

Time dissipated, changed into timelessness.

My body- mind gracefully fell away, opened up.

My molecules danced apart, expanding, entering all around me.

I became part of the unified field.

Bliss, but beyond bliss.

Thank You.