Monday, December 1, 2014


When you are in a dispute with someone, you naturally think you are right.

It is easy to lose the ability to see the other's point of view.

I find, however, that righteous indignation and holding tightly to one's own view doesn't help the situation.  It just creates blockage, hard feelings, and makes me a victim. 

 It may help to think of disagreements as a flow back and forth, with facts and feelings changing all the time within the scenario.

Think fluid, movement, complex corners and motivations that cannot truly be known.

So, take a deep breath, ground and picture yourself flowing out of the situation.

It will change.  This is only a short time in your life- a week, a day, an hour, an instant-  you will be moving out of this.

All situations exist to teach us something, even if we don't really want to learn the lessons that might be there.

So, Bless the situation, put a gentle light between all the participants, and breathe into the calm that is always there.

   Namaste,  Lia