Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Depression - we don't want to be there!

If you are battling serious depression, you probably need to see a therapist,and perhaps a nutritionist, and maybe get on meds.

However, we all go into a mild depression from time to time and here are some ways that I have found to help me work my way out of it.

Get to a place that has natural light.  Spend lots of time outside.

Exercise, walk the dog, go to the gym, even if you don't feel like it.

Throw stuff away- de-clutter a bit.

Get into another reality- a good book, a movie, etc.

Talk to people when you are out doing errands.

Write down your plan for the day, or week, or year,- figure out what your goals are.

Plan a trip.

Take on a home improvement project.

Join a book group or take a class.

Volunteer to help someone else.

Do some kind of artwork.

Cry, laugh, breathe.

Treat yourself to a favorite food or shop for something for yourself.

Meditate, particularly using the clean-out techniques at the beginning of each meditation.  Then open to new energy to guide you forward.

Keep doing all of the above.

Good luck and I am sure you have additional techniques of your own-  we don't want to be there!  So, til next time- Lia