Friday, July 17, 2015


Sometimes when you read a book, it resonates so much,  it is as if you already know the information.

In some of these blogs, an energy is created where the words can transform you, even if it is just for a minute or so.

A work of art, being open and in nature,can also do this.

What is revealed is a truth you feel inside.

A truth about being human, or about what makes up the world, the  patterns or fabric of organization or randomness that exist.( I know, patterns of randomness is a contradiction but I wanted to say it!)

Hard to explain but delicious and profound when you feel truth at this level.

Sometimes when you are speaking with another person, the words just spill out of you as if you are transmitting them from another source.  Or the person is transmitting for you.

You step back and go Wow! where did that come from?

I think it comes from your highest self that is connecting to a power that is greater than your everyday self.

Try to be aware and recognize these moments of guidance.

These moments can also be in the form of very "conscious" dreams, or thoughts that come to you in the morning or right before you fall asleep.

We are so lucky to have these intuitions. They can affect our lives in a positive way if we just listen and are grateful.

Namaste -  Lia