Tuesday, July 28, 2015

For Becky

I lost a best friend a few weeks ago.

Luckily, she had called me, then I called her, then she called me.  We said " I love you" and " I love you, too." The last time she called, I did not call her back - I was busy with a wedding.

The doctors told her she had three to four years left, which we talked about.  We both thought that was so, but then everything sped up.

We had grown apart over the years, but as children we were very close.  That spirit is the one I miss.  Playful, funny, goofy and tortured at times by her sensitivity- I understood that-

NOW of course I wish I could have looked beyond the differences in our later lives and connected sooner.

Bless this soul that passed out of this world. I hope the angels are welcoming her.  She had great friends and fun at times in her life.  We all have the pictures to prove it!  These are a comfort.

So, if you are thinking about looking up a good friend from your past to chat with, just do it.  You never know how long you have to talk in the here and now.

And have fun doing it- Becky would have wanted you to.